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The prices as stated above applies to the first 15 pages of your manuscript, extra pages are charged at $5.00 per page. To submit your paper kindly click the “Get a Quote” button above to place an order and submit your paper at the same time.

Depending on the urgency of your request, you may also choose between standard service that will deliver your paper back within 5 days and Express service that will deliver your paper back within a speedy 48 hours, you may also choose the High Speed service which delivers within 24 hours.


    • Payment can be made in Euros (€), British Pounds (£) or US Dollars ($). Please use the currency converter to convert from Euros to other currencies.
  • Finished jobs may be delivered earlier or later than stipulated, depending on the volume of the manuscript and such will be comunicated to the author where necessary via service quote.

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